Agriculture and Environmental Sciences


Campus Riello


Agriculture and Forest Sciences



Course length

3 years


non-selective entry test

Learning objectives

The Degree Course aims to provide knowledge and skills on agricultural crops and livestock breeding, with the systemic study of the relationships between biological needs, availability of technical means and territorial resources, economic and environmental sustainability. Graduates must be able to carry out the technical-economic management of agricultural enterprises and rural areas, with attention to aspects of environmental protection, risk assessment and asset evaluation, including the first processing of agricultural products.

Career opportunities

Graduates work as public or private employees, or freelancers (junior agronomists) in the management and assistance to agricultural enterprises and cooperatives, in the fields of technical tools and processed goods, agritourism and agro-environment, agricultural policy.

Further education

First-level graduates can access all the Master’s degree courses, as required by current legislation. The structure of the course makes it particularly suitable for continuing studies with the Master’s Degrees in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (LM-69) (Official website of LM-69) and Biotechnologies for Agro-food Safety and Quality (LM-7) (Official website of LM-7).

Further information about the course

Official website of the course

Curriculum Agrario (4 profili: Agro-ambiente, Zootecnia, Territorio, Qualità) e Biotecnologie

Programme Coordinator

Prof. Gabriele Dono

Prof. Enio Campiglia

Prof. Saverio Senni

Prof.ssa Stefania Masci

Contact us

Department of Agriculture and Forest Sciences

Via San Camillo de Lellis
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof. Danilo Monarca



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