Business economics



Civitavecchia (RM)


Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization



Course length

3 years


Non-selective entry test (Economics area)

Learning objectives

The degree course provides a solid basic preparation on the operating dynamics of companies through a rational balancing of transversal skills (economic, business, mathematical-statistical and legal). The guarantee of adequate preparation geared towards the needs of the labour market is supported by the organization of the degree course in four curricula aimed at specific professional activities:

Management (Viterbo and Civitavecchia);
Banking and finance (Viterbo);
Profession and business consultancy (Viterbo);
Economy of the sea and international trade (Civitavecchia).

Career opportunities

Management of production and service companies in the various business functions, from administration to production, to the organization of public and private companies. Freelance activities and business consultancy.

Further education

The course is organized to provide the student with sufficient learning ability to undertake higher level studies, including master’s degrees in “Administration, Finance and Control”, “Marketing and Quality”, “Economics and communication for management and innovation” and “Circular Economy” held in University of Tuscia.

Further information about the course

Official website of the course

The teaching methodology used is made innovative through: seminars by experts in specific sectors, educational workshops, training and preparation for work through internships in the network of local companies.

Programme Coordinator

Head of the degree courses in Economics:
Prof. Alessio Maria Braccini

Head of the Course in Business Economics:
Prof.ssa Anna Maria D’Arcangelis

Tutoring contact person (Viterbo):
Dott.ssa Michela Piccarozzi

Tutoring contact person (Civitavecchia):
Prof. Luca Cacchiarelli

Student secretariat:

Contact us

Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization

Via del Paradiso, 47
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof.ssa Tiziana Laureti



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