Communication, Technologies & Digital Culture


Complesso di Santa Maria in Gradi


Humanities, Communication and Tourism



Course length

3 years


non-selective entry test     

Learning objectives

An interdisciplinary education to address most common problems of face-to-face and mediated communication processes, and suitable to provide specific and basic knowledge focused on the four main areas of the course in mutual integration: Humanities, Media Sciences, Technology, Economics.

Career opportunities

Graduates in Communication, Technologies and Digital Cultures work in the traditional media sector and the ‘new media’ in public administration, cultural industry, companies and technological services focused on digital media.

Further education

Graduates can continue their studies in the master’s degree course in digital information LM-91 (Official website of LM-91) or in other Master’s degree courses, after evaluating the student’s curriculum.

Further information about the course

Official website of the course

Internships and workshops available: photography and digital radio, digital writing, IT.

Programme Coordinator

Head of the Course:
Prof.ssa Giovanna Tosatti

Tutoring contact person :
Prof.ssa Luisa Carbone and Prof.ssa Sonia Maria Melchiorre
luisa.carbone@unitus.it, melchiorresmr@unitus.it

Tutor of the Course:

Contact us

Department of Humanities, Communication and Tourism

Via Santa Maria in Gradi, 4
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof. Giovanni Fiorentino



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