Design for Sustainable Industry and Territory


Campus Riello
Largo dell’Università


 Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization



Course length

3 years


Course with a maximum number of 150 students. To access the course it is necessary to pass an admission test aimed at evaluating the preparation of students in the areas of logics, mathematics, physics, chemistry and verbal comprehension

Learning objectives

The course aims at preparing design technicians able to apply theoretical, methodological and instrumental knowledge to support design, development, realization and management of industrial products. The training program is organized in the first year focused on basic preparatory disciplines, the second year focused on characterizing design disciplines, and, finally, the third year focused on industrial technologies, sustainable design, internet of things design, exploitation of resources of local territory, with a multidisciplinary training programme involving design, economics, engineering and environmental disciplines.

Career opportunities

The course trains industrial designers and production technicians who can work as freelancers, consultants for public and private companies, internships in design studios and laboratories, designers within technical or research and development departments of industrial companies.

Further education

The course provide to students all the needed knowledge to continue university studies in a master’s degree course in the field of industrial design, specifically in the class LM12 – Design.

Further information about the course

The training programme includes a large number of design laboratories where students will work independently or in a team on the resolution of complex design problems, with the aim to develop also the soft skills.

Programme Coordinator

Presidente Corsi di Area ingegneristica
Prof. Stefano Rossi

Referente per l’orientamento area ingegneria:
Dott. Jurji Filieri

Segreteria didattica:
Sig.ra Anna Filippetti

Contact us

Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization

Via del Paradiso, 47
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof.ssa Tiziana Laureti




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