Gastronomic and wellness sciences, cultures and politics


Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Faculty of  Pharmacy and Medicine

University “Sapienza” of Rome


Experimental Medicine, University “Sapienza” of Rome

Innovation in Biological, Agro-Food and Forest Systems, Viterbo



Course length

3 years


selective entry test

Learning objectives

Graduates in this degree programs are expected to:

possess the basic knowledge for the critical analysis of gastronomic systems;
have a vast and articulated empirical knowledge of gastronomic systems through educational experiences, case studies and internships;
acquire the ability to critically process information related to gastronomic sciences, in order to contribute to the processes of knowledge, education and representation of social, economic and political development;
develop skills for critical analysis of the ways in which the multiple relationships existing between man and food develop, evolve and change through time and space.

Career opportunities

Assignments in companies, public institutions, NGOs and entrepreneurial or freelance activity in the following fields:

development of new products;
distribution formats and services intended to increase and/or enhance the gastronomic heritage;
evaluation of environmental sustainability;
social and economic enhancement of food production.

Further education

Master’s Degree courses and 2nd-level Professional Master programmes.

Further information about the course

Official website of the course (UNITUS)
The course is inter-university and lessons are held in Rome: Official website of the course(SAPIENZA)

Programme Coordinator

Head of the Course for University “Sapienza” of Rome:
Prof. Lorenzo M. Donini

Head of the Course for UNITUS:
Prof.ssa Diana De Santi

Tutoring contact person:
Prof. Marcello Fidaleo

Contact us

Dipartimento per la Innovazione nei Sistemi Biologici, Agroalimentari e Forestali

Via San Camillo de Lellis
01100 Viterbo

Direttore: Prof. Maurizio Petruccioli



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