Human Sciences


Complesso Santa Maria in Gradi


Humanities, Communication and Tourism



Course length

3 years


non-selective entry test

Learning objectives

An interdisciplinary education structured in two curricula:

Linguistic, Literary and Historical Studies aims at the acquisition of fundamental skills for professional activities in the field of communication, services and cultural production;
Modern Literature, Arts, Entertainment aims at a general methodological training for work activities in the cultural field, event planning, enhancement of the artistic and environmental heritage.

Career opportunities

Graduates in Human Sciences can enter the world of private and public work as a cultural-tourism operator, press and communication officer, editorial secretary or in territorial planning.

Further education

Graduates have the opportunity to continue the academic studies enroling into the DISUCOM Master’s courses in Modern Philology LM-14 and Digital Information LM-91 or pursue the Master’s degree programmes for the training of teachers.

Further information about the course

Official website of the Course
Internships and workshops are available in the fields of photography, radio, creative writing, geotechnology, Latin language, Greek language.

Programme Coordinator

Head of the Course:
Prof.ssa Francesca De Caprio

Tutoring contact persons:
Prof.ssa Luisa Carbone and Prof. Stefano Pifferi
luisa.carbone@unitus.it, s_pifferi@unitus.it

Tutoring service:

Contact us

Department of Humanities, Communication and Tourism

Via Santa Maria in Gradi, 4
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof. Giovanni Fiorentino



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