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Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization



Course length

2 years

Learning objectives

The objective of the MSc course in Mechanical engineering is to form professional figures able to combine the skills of the Mechanical engineer in a multidisciplinary context. The training path is structured on three levels:

Training in the subjects specific for the Mechanical engineering;
Acquisition of skills which complete the professional figure by means of exams in the field of energy (e.g. hydrogen and nuclear fusion), materials, new production technologies and environment;
Development of relevant design activities.

Career opportunities

The acquired skills allow to earn responsibility positions in different sectors such as design, production, installation and testing, management and maintenance of machinery, industrial and IT services, energy management, technical management, logistics and marketing.

Further education

The course is organized and structured in order to provide the student a learning ability that allows higher level studies, including the PhD course in “Engineering for Energy and Environment” held at the University of Tuscia (Official website of the PhD programme).

Further information about the course

Official website of the course

The course is structured in a common path, which provides training activities strongly oriented towards the methodological and conceptual study of the engineering subjects, and two alternative specialized paths:
∙ Manufacturing & Design, focused on the design, production, and monitoring of both mechanical components and industrial machinery and plants with the aid of advanced analysis and design methods such as FEM, CFD and computer-assisted design;
∙ Future Energy, focused on providing the necessary tools to understand and analyse classical and innovative energy conversion systems, such as thermonuclear fusion and hydrogen-based systems, with particular attention to issues related to the design of methods for energy storage and transport.

Programme Coordinator

Head of Engineering area:
Prof. Stefano Rossi

Contact person for the orientation of Engineering area
Dr. Gabriele Loreti

Academic office
Mrs. Anna Filippetti


Contact us

Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization

Via del Paradiso, 47
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof.ssa Tiziana Laureti



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