Modern Languages and Cultures


Complesso San Carlo


Modern Languages, Literature, History, Philosophy and Law Studies



Course length

3 years


non-selective entry test     

Learning objectives

The course trains graduates with a solid basic preparation in theoretical linguistics, Italian language and literature, with a proficiency profile strongly characterized in an intercultural sense. The educational paths can be oriented towards different linguistic-cultural areas: French, English, Portuguese and Brazilian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese and Russian language and literature, with related courses dedicated to the respective cultural histories and the use of main IT tools.

Career opportunities

The training course includes the start of further specialization in the professions of translator and interpreter, expert in cultural mediation, in management of multilingual communication and information, in the promotion of goods and services in the international field.

Further education

The course provides for a particularly oriented access to the master’s degree course in Languages ​​and Cultures for International Communication (LM 37) and to all master’s degree training courses strongly dedicated to linguistic and cultural mediation.

Further information about the course

Official website of the course

Possibility of internships, Erasmus stays, language tandem, writing workshops, double degree.

Programme Coordinator

Student secretariat:

Contact us

Dipartimento di Studi linguistico-letterari, storico-filosofici e giuridici

Via San Carlo, 32
01100 Viterbo

Direttore: Prof. Luca Lorenzetti



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