Mountain Sciences


Rieti (RI)


Agriculture and Forest Sciences



Course length

3 years


non-selective entry test

Learning objectives

To train graduates with the ability to analyze, design and manage mountain areas and their resources, with particular reference to the Apennine and Mediterranean reality. Expand the university education of the graduates in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences towards new directions for enhancing the mountain environment also in economic terms, tourism promotion and entrepreneurial growth. The academic path aims to prepare a technician with an articulated preparation in the forestry, agricultural, environmental and economic sectors through a course dedicated to the management of natural resources of mountain areas, and to their enhancement in economic and environmental terms.

Career opportunities

Graduates in Mountain Sciences can find employment as technician (supporting park rangers, forest rangers or guides) in the Regional and State Forestry Corps, Ministries, Regions, Park Authorities and Protected Areas, Mountain Communities, Industries, design and consulting firms and businesses, particularly those operating in mountain areas.

Further education

Master’s degree courses.

Further information about the course

Official website of the course

The training course includes basic, characterizing and integrative, mono-disciplinary or, in some cases, integrated courses. Each teaching of the degree course includes lectures and exercises.

Programme Coordinator

Head of the Course:
Prof. Mario Augusto Pagnotta

Students secretariat:
Course secretary office 0746 1733462 – 0746 1739605 – 0746 1732574

Tutoring contact person:

Contact us

Department of Agriculture and Forest Sciences

Via San Camillo de Lellis
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof. Danilo Monarca



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