Political Science and International Relations


Complesso Santa Maria in Gradi


Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization



Course length

3 years


non-selective entry test

(macro-area Human Studies – Social Science)

Learning objectives

The educational path of the degree course is aimed at the acquisition of multidisciplinary skills by providing the historical-institutional, socio-political and economic-legal knowledge tools suitable for interpreting and managing complex organizational systems, both national and international. It is possible to opt for the “Political Science” curriculum or the “Investigation and Security” curriculum. For the attainment of the degree it is necessary to acquire 180 CFU, with the passing of 6 exams in the basic disciplines, 7 in the characterizing disciplines and 7 between the related or supplementary disciplines, differentiated for each individual curriculum.

The educational path in “Political Science” presents an interdisciplinary approach, aimed at developing programming skills and innovative operational strategies also through an in-depth mastery of the empirical research method (political science, sociology, statistics and quantitative, etc.) suitable for the professional placement in both public and private sectors.

Career opportunities

Private, national and multinational companies and organizations, public administration, non-governmental organizations and the third sector. Private investigator or commercial informant (agency owners – prefectoral license).

Further education

The course is organized and structured to provide the student with suitable skills to undertake higher level studies, including the Master’s degree in Political Science, International Security and Public Communication organized by the University of Tuscia.

Further information about the course

Official website of the course

The chosen teaching methodology is made innovative through seminars by experts in specific sectors, including foreign ones, training and preparation for work through internships in the network of companies and periods of study abroad.

Programme Coordinator

Tutoring contact person:
Prof.ssa Barbara Pancino

Head of the Course:
Prof.ssa Flaminia SaccĂ 

Student secretariat:

Contact us

Department of Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization

Via del Paradiso, 47
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof.ssa Tiziana Laureti



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