Security and Human Rights


S. Carlo


Modern Languages, Literature, History, Philosophy and Law Studies



Course length

2 years

Learning objectives

The Course aims to provide students with multidisciplinary knowledge (in law, political science, sociology, history, philosophy, economics) necessary to disentangle the complexity of the main challenges of global security, from the management of human mobility to the technological transformation, also providing them with the practical skills required in strategic and highly innovative sectors (e.g. border security, data governance, green economy and environmental sustainability).

Career opportunities

The Course trains experts in Security, Migration Management and Reception of Migrants, Circular Economy and Sustainability, who can compete for high-level positions both in private and public entities at national, EU and international level.

Further education

Graduates can join postgraduate training programmes, in Italy and abroad, e.g. second-level Master’s degrees and PhD programmes, included the one on “European and Global Markets Law. Crises, Rights, Regulation” hosted by the University

Further information about the course

Remote learning available, as well as several scholarships for international and Italian students.

Programme Coordinator

– Professor Alessandro Bufalini (alessandro.bufalini@unitus.it)
– distudidattica@unitus.it

Contact us

Department of Modern Languages, Literature, History, Philosophy and Law Studies

Via San Carlo, 32
01100 Viterbo

Director: Prof. Saverio Ricci



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