Sport, Wellness, and Exercise in Natural Environments


Campus Riello, Largo dell’Università – Viterbo


Economics, Engineering, Society and Business Organization
Ecological and Biological Sciences




3 years

Admission procedure

Selective entry test

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to this three-year Bachelor degree course, it is necessary to have a high school graduation or equivalent certification.

Admission procedure: Selective entry test (limited access Course with a maximum number of 180 students)

Educational objectives

The Bachelor degree in Sport Sciences, Wellness and Nature aims to train a motor and sports professional with appropriate basic knowledge and with the methodological skills necessary to conduct, manage and evaluate individual and group motor and fitness activities, aimed at maintaining psycho-physical well-being, through the promotion of active lifestyles. In particular, the professional will have specific knowledge and skills in the following main thematic areas: physical activity, well-being and prevention; environment and nature; management and sports tourism.

Professional outlets

Graduates will be able to apply their skills in the field of sports motor education and fitness in many areas and sectors, such as: educational institutions, bodies and structures that deal with the promotion of sport, public or private gyms, public and private centres for the promotion of physical activity and sport, sports organizations and social associations. In addition, graduates can also take care of the organization of sporting events and competitions and direct the sports activities of gyms and other public and private structures.

Further education

The course provides the student with the knowledge necessary to continue the educational path in the master’s courses in the field of motor science.

Further information

The teaching methodology used provides training and preparation for work through internships and training activities at sports bodies, organizations and clubs and seminars by experts in specific sectors


Dr. Marco Barbanera m.barbanera@unitus.it

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