Innovative teaching

Knowledge with the tools of the future
Multifunctional classrooms

Digital Learning

The University of Tuscia offers activities and services for innovative online teaching and the integration between face-to-face and remote lessons. The educational path is built with attention to didactic innovation and the development of methodologies and tools for a better learning and teaching experience. Accessibility and inclusion guarantee all students to be able to enjoy the contents and relationships that characterize university life. From the 2020/2021 academic year, the classrooms will be even more equipped with multimedia and IT tools for lessons for a simultaneous online streaming and in-presence teachings  that will be also available later on the university platforms.

Learning and inclusion

Online learning

The online learning activities guarantee constant support to students and their active involvement, with attention to accessibility and inclusion. The University of Tuscia provides platforms and environments for online teaching and interactive streaming lessons, recorded video lessons, podcasts and materials made available by teachers. When needed, online exams and graduation sessions can beregularly held online.

Communication with teachers

Online reception

The University of Tuscia is among the first in Italy for the level of students satisfaction with regard to the relationship with teachers. In addition to the lessons, receptions are also held both face to face and online, through user-friendly tools and platforms. The online reception is a remote modality of teacher-student dialogue, with the same dynamics as the reception in the presence and it is aimed both at supporting the preparation of students and at deepening didactic topics and themes.


The reference platform for online teaching at the University of Tuscia is Moodle, the most widely used open source e-learning environment in the world.

G Suite for Education

Professors, students and staff of the University of Tuscia have access to the complete Google suite for connected mail services, creation, exchange and sharing of documents, calendar, videoconferencing, virtual classrooms.

Office 365 for Students

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is available free of charge for all students of the University of Tuscia.