UNITUS for inclusion


The psychological consultancy service is open to all registered students and is completely free. There is a welcome interview which can be followed by a maximum of 3 interviews. During the consultation, if necessary, any indications will be given for subsequent aid paths that can be provided by the Public Service.

The service offered is described on the web page of the University website accessible from the section “Students”> “Student Services”

Direct link: http://www.unitus.it/it/unitus/servizi-agli-studenti/articolo/counseling-psicologico

The consultation can also be carried out remotely by telephone, telematics or video call.

To access the Psychological Counseling Service, the student can book for an appointment by sending an e-mail to the address assistenzapsicologica@unitus.it mediated by the Head of the Educational Offer Office.


Students who enroll or register to any course for academic years subsequent to the first, with recognition of a disability condition equal to or greater than 66%, pursuant to art. 3, c. 1 of law 104/1992, are exempted from the payment of the annual  university tuition fees and from the regional tax for the right to university study. Students with disabilities between 40% and 65% are partially exempted from the tuition fees. To obtain the exemption, the student must declare the disability situation in the online enrollment procedure and upload, through the dedicated upload procedure, the documentation certifying this condition.


The au pair tutorship consists of individual support activities by students enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in favor of students with disabilities or SLDs. The tutors provide didactic support activities: for attending lessons (notes), study support, assistance during teaching or laboratory activities, in bibliographic research, in handling administrative procedures and in relations with teachers. The services may also include support for students with disabilities in moving around the university spaces, necessary for participation in educational activities.

Support for academic exams

To sit the exams, it is possible to adapt the methods of studying and taking the exams according to the provisions of Law 104/1992, while maintaining the expected learning objectives. Specific support can consist of:

– use of specific technical tools in relation to the type of disability;

– possibility of carrying out equivalent tests;

– possibility of having additional means, from a minimum of 30% more, also extending it to higher percentages in relation to the condition of disability or SLDs.


There is the possibility of applying compensatory measures to take the entry test. For the application of the measures, write to the address: inclusione@unitus.it


The transport service consists in the possibility of using a dedicated vehicle to move around the university facilities.

Supply of IT equipment

Students can receive computer equipment on loan in order to facilitate their participation in all university activities.


Il servizio di accompagnamento e assistenza, dal cancello d’ingresso del Dipartimento fino ai locali interni della struttura, è finalizzato a consentire la partecipazione alle lezioni universitarie, ai colloqui con i docenti e alle attività connesse allo svolgimento della tesi di laurea.

Referenti per l’inclusione e l’equità di Dipartimento

Ciascun Dipartimento ha un Referente per l’inclusione e l’equità, naturale interlocutore dello studente con disabilità o DSA. Il Referente accompagnerà lo studente nel suo percorso didattico, individuando, se necessario attraverso la consulenza offerta dagli psicologi, le misure compensative e dispensative da applicare.

International mobility

Students interested in participating in the international student mobility programs activated by the University of Tuscia can access additional funding, determined according to the specific needs represented by the student, with respect to the ordinary contribution that will be paid to cover the expenses for the stay abroad.

For information, students can contact the Mobility and International Cooperation Office (erasmusincoming@unitus.it).

Other activities

Relations with the high schools of the Lazio Region for the exchange of information regarding the situation of students with disabilities or SLDs; action to raise the awareness of the teaching staff on the theme of integration of people with disabilities or SLDs in the context of study and work; organization of meetings and conferences on the subject of disability in the university and post-university fields.

Contact usrmation and to download the forms relating to the provision of services, visit the pages of the University website dedicated to disability e SLDs or write to inclusione@unitus.it