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The city of Viterbo and the land of Tuscia

Viterbo is an ancient city with a population just under 70,000; it is capital of the province having the same name in northern Lazio region, also known as Tuscia or Alto Lazio.

Viterbo has ancient origins and the largest medieval historic center in Europe. It is historically famous in the world as the City of Popes: in the 13th century it was the papal seat and for about 24 years the Papal Palace hosted and saw several Popes elected. In addition to the University of Tuscia, Viterbo hosts the National Army Aviation Command, the Army Non-Commissioned Officers School, the ITC SUS School and the Air Force Marshals School.
The city is famous for the transport of the Machine of Santa Rosa, a traditional and spectacular event that takes place every year on the evening of September 3, in honor of the patron Saint: an illuminated structure, 30 meters high and weighing 52 quintals, is carried on the shoulders of a hundred men, the Porters of Santa Rosa, through the darkened streets of the city. In 2013 the Machine was included by UNESCO among the Intangible Human Heritage.
The wonderful land of Tuscia is characterized by an unspoiled natural environment and multiple attractions from a religious, cultural, gastronomic and archaeological point of view, and combines mountain landscapes (such as the Cimini mountains) and enchanting stretches of coast, with wide beaches and clean sea. Agriculture plays a major role in terms of businesses and types of crops, boasting over 34 typical products, some of which boast the Dop, Igp and Igt brand, but also craftsmanship is an important presence in the artistic and traditional context.


Offer of university accommodation and rentals at agreed prices.

The Lazio regional body for the right to study and the promotion of knowledge (Lazio DiSCo) has the institutional task of ensuring access to the University for deserving students. Among the services provided there is the Accommodation Place (single or double room) at the University Residences in Viterbo in Piazza San Sisto, 8 (65 beds) and in Via Cardarelli, 77 (82 beds). This benefit is reserved for students residing outside the province of Viterbo who meet the requirements of the competition announcement. They are reserved for foreign students participating in EU Erasmus programs at Tuscia University, for a total of 80 beds. It is also possible -in the cases provided by the appropriate regulation and in case of availability- to assign paid accommodation places.

In the search for accommodation, students can also make use, through the web page “UNITUS AFFITTO SICURO – CITY CAMPUS” of the University portal, of a certified classification based on the qualitative characteristics of the property: construction / renovation period; quality of furnishings; toilet; technical systems in compliance with the law; etc.

Students who decide to choose a property located in the historic center of the city benefit from the right to obtain a free subscription to the local public transport service of Viterbo, provided by Francigena s.r.l. for a period of one year.

There is also a 25% discount in favor of students covering all fees related to intermediation.


Getting to Viterbo from Rome is very easy, as there is a convenient bus service, managed by the Cotral company, departing from the Rome station “Saxa Rubra” direct to Viterbo Porta Romana, and vice versa, with runs every 30 minutes. There is also the possibility of reaching the city of Viterbo by train, according to the various options available on the website

As regards the city mobility, Viterbo offers an efficient public transport service working with scheduled buses that connect the various university centers of Riello, the Paradiso and San Carlo complex and the Rectorate of Via Santa Maria in Gradi, as well as to the two offices of students accomodation, located in Via Cardarelli and Piazza San Sisto. Contact usrmation you can check the website It is also possible to use a convenient taxi service, based in Porta Fiorentina, which can be booked at 07611876.


Gli studenti di UNITUS hanno a disposizione ampi parcheggi all’interno ed in prossimità di tutte le sedi didattico-scientifiche ed amministrative dell’Ateneo. Presso la sede dell’Ateneo in S.M. in Gradi e presso il Complesso di S.M. del Paradiso sono disponibili per gli studenti estesi parcheggi interni all’Università. Parcheggi esterni alle sedi universitarie, ma ampiamente sufficienti alle esigenze degli studenti, sono presenti in prossimità del Polo di Agraria e del Campus Riello. Facilmente raggiungibile attraverso le stradine del quartiere di Pianoscarano è il Complesso di S. Carlo.

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You can have lunch in the university canteens or in the many bars and restaurants in agreement with the University.

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Unitus students can do many sports also thanks to the beautiful sports facilities managed by the CUS, the University Sports Center.

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UNITUS students are entitled to a wide range of computer services and software under free license, as well as being able to remotely enjoy innovative online teachings.

We have a university of great prestige, a wonderful land like the one of Tuscia and a city on a human scale with a thousand-year history.

Stefano UbertiniRector of UNITUS